Website Promotion for Changemakers


Our world is becoming a better place because of the progress brought about by innovators of all kinds. Scientific and technological innovations abound, much of it beneficial to the common person because they are tangible,  useful and accessible.   Social innovations are not as tangible, even though social progress is perhaps the most important progress humanity can bring about.  That’s why it’s more difficult to design and promote websites for changemakers. Difficult but not insurmountable.

Mahatma Gandhi had his local newspaper, Martin Luther King Jr. had his pulpit but if both were alive today they most certainly would be making a website.

This week’s post will be for the benefit of changemakers and will offer a practical checklist of what they should consider when making a website for their cause, for their social innovation.

Website Promotion Checklist: (10 of 100+ items displayed here)

1. Is the mission statement and vision statement of your cause clearly stated on your homepage?
2. Have you written a blog to officially welcome visitors to your website?  A website launch is a one shot deal?

3. Have you optimized all the meta-tags for every web-page of your website?
4. Have you prepared at least 20 blog articles to promote your site at optimal times each day for two weeks?
5. Have you optimized all your email signatures? (Have you reviewed the list of 100 client/sponsor touch points?)
6. Have you added social media share buttons on you website?
7. Have you prepared posts and tweets for the first two weeks?
​8. Have you Included a blog section in your website so you can invite like-minds to post there?
9. Have you reviewed your list of visitor external and internal touch-points.  Do you have call to action links?
10. Have you included links to your sponsors and frequent blog contributors?

The Benefits of Social-Entrepreneur Websites over Traditional Websites: (10 of 100+ items displayed here)

1. Social entrepreneurs usually help local communities and are often promoted by the local media for free.
2. You can promote yourself on Google Maps and get more local phone calls than your external competition.
3. You can promote monthly and even daily meet-up events on your website.
4. Promote and attract community sponsors. (example: Recruiting Companies, Training Companies…)
5. You can promote “Lunch and Learn” on your site and give live presentations to your local audience.
6. You can post local photos and videos of the changes you are causing in your community.
7. You can optimize your site for local search top-ranking engine results.
8. You can attract the attention and collaboration of like-minded changemakers in other cities.
9. You can become the first hub of social-entrepreneurs in your community.
10. You will attract the attention of local leaders and politicians.

Must have upgrades on your website for 2016! (10 of 100+ items displayed here)

1. Recorded webinars about your cause.
2. Live-streaming events.
3. Links to quality audios.
4. Mobile-friendly design since more people view the Internet on the go in their smartphones and tablets.
5. Website should be modifiable from people on the go via a smartphone. 
6. Some degree of website marketing automation.
7. Better access to website visitor stats.
8. Automated sponsor referral program.
9. Secure eCommerce functionality for financial donors.
10. Secure IdeaBank functionality for idea donors, project donors, interns, volunteers.

Promote your website through your Events Page! (10 of 100+ items displayed here)

1. Schedule daily events on your events calendar page. Coffeechats to avoid rush hour traffic are popular daily events
2. Schedule weekly activity events like chatwalks or swimchats (at the hot-tub of a public indoor pool)
3. Schedule monthly “lunch and learn” events at a potential client or sponsor site.
4. Schedule a yearly event public service event (Jobathons, food drives, talent show…)
5. Schedule live-stream events right from your website!
6. Schedule a telephone or skype conference.
7. Use event management web-tools like Meet-up or Eventbrite.
8. List all the public events and conferences you will be attending throughout the year on your event page calendar.
9. Share videos of your successful events on your events page.
​10. Create a “changemaker” event and invite other local changemakers at your event as speakers or performers!

Promote your website through your Blog Page! (10 of 100+ items displayed here)

1. Post new articles on your own blog page only at peak Internet times for the different social media sites.
2. Invite like-minded changemakers to write original articles that you post on your page for them. Then promote it.
3. Write blog articles on other blog sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress…) about your website and your organization 
4. Write blog articles about your sponsors or clients.
5. Invite your clients or sponsors to write blog articles about your organization.
6. Invite the mainstream and alternative media to write articles about a popular blog article on your page.
7. Optimize the meta-tags for your blog page for the main contributors to your blog page.
8. Write articles on current news items in your area of business and philanthropy.
9. Write a blog article about uniting changemakers in your area in an informal network.
10. Create invitation articles about your upcoming scheduled events on your event page. 

Promote your website by joining national or worldwide alliances of changemakers

1. Project: Changemaker Tsunami (CT):  Details will be announced in a separate article in January -sylvain henry

What are your top ten?

-Sylvain (click here for other articles written by me)

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You Are Not Alone

You are not alone.  I’m here and many of us are here also reading this article.  In fact I will prove it: Call me at 613-600-5323 and say just hello so I can have something to write about, perhaps with your ideas (with your permission of course). I will pause now and wait for your call and if you don’t call me I will just keep on adding ideas to this article at least for a while until someone does.

The time is now 19:00 Wednesday, June 10th, 2015.

19:02  No one has called me yet.  I guess people are finishing their supper so I think I will start adding my own ideas to this article.

People feel alone for different reasons, here are a few:

A separation with a spouse or a family member.  That can be painful.  I even know of two cases where the people I chatted with were separated from their entire family and it had nothing to do with distance. These things happen and sometimes there’s little we can do about it.

Being ignored by our political leaders: That is perhaps among one of the most common cases. Many Canadian veterans know what I’m talking about. Citizens with health issues who haven’t had a family doctor in over a decade know what I’m talking about.  Those looking for work for over a year know what I’m talking about. It’s not a myth our government has let us down for some other priorities we fund that we don’t even need or want.

Being ignored by the markets: Small and medium-sized businesses now have difficulty selling their products or services for many reasons including a weak global economy,  something larger companies rarely feel because of all the support and attention they get from our government and their network.

Being faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem:  Some people have graver than average health-related or financially-related problems. When that happens many find themselves either completely without friends or when they do have friends the friends can do nothing to help them.

Living with people that don’t understand you or care for you.  That’s common among senior citizens who live in a home.  I have seen this problem all to often. I better not start aging.

19:20 The list can go on but I would appreciate a call from someone so I’m not alone and I want to make sure I haven’t omitted any important example of being alone.  Ah well, it seems I must write on alone for a while more.

The point of this article is that we are not alone, we are rarely alone and if we are it’s usually a matter of choice.  I hope you agree.

I’m here and no one has called me yet.  Not that I have any special wisdom to solve people’s problems but because I believe that loneliness and being cut off from people for too long is one of the worst forms of suffering a human can endure.

If you called we could discuss options you may have to rid this plague from your soul.  We may not find any answers tonight but at least you won’t be alone for a few minutes and perhaps your contribution to this article will resonate with someone else and maybe another person may have a new option for you to try.

Nothing’s impossible.  Why won’t you give it a try?

19:32 Ah well thirty minutes have passed and the phone didn’t ring and yet I see that this article does have a few views.

I really thought this article would reach someone and that person would contribute something significant to what I’m blabbing to myself about.  I thought technology could be used for connecting people for a change.  But I was wrong.

So I guess I will sign off and wish you well.

Thank you for reading this.  Please post a comment about this topic.

sylvain henry

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Why Blog About Yourself

You are unique and blogging about yourself helps you discover the details of your own uniqueness, your own worth, and provides an open channel to make it immediately useful to limitless others who can appreciate it. You’ll see that once you’ve published your first personal or professional promo article, hopefully as a result of reading this one.

Blogging online is different from writing in a diary, journal or handout because as you click on the publish button you instantly let the world see who you are, what you do and how you do it differently. That may require some courage since feedback is also instant and may not all be positive. The potential payoff is tremendous when your article attracts people who resonate with your subject, your content, or simply your writing style.  This may attract friends, supporters, employers, sponsors or partners.  However, even negative feedback can be very useful to you personally and professionally.

So blog with me step-by-step, if this is your first personal promo blog article, and we’ll see the value of blogging about ourselves in real time.  You can always delete your article if you are not satisfied with the results.  But if it works then you owe it to yourself to keep on improving that article.

Find a blog site. If you haven’t blogged before there are several excellent blog sites that are totally free and easy to use.  Find one you are comfortable with.

Personally I like the WordPress site and the LinkedIn publishing feature (which is essentially a blog tool).

Catchy Title: Write a title for your blog article and just keep it in the draft mode until you are ready to start developing ideas for your article.  Take a few days to think of a title if you need to, sometimes writing some content in your article will give you an idea for a good title, sometimes the title motivates your content.

A possible title for my personal promo is “Innovative Marketer”. It’s not very catchy but it describes me well. There’s always time to change the title and make it “catchier” before you publish.  What would be the title for your article?

Writing:  To me writing is mostly a combination of ideation (creating or finding ideas) and idea management. There are many ways you can start writing depending on how you feel at the moment but generally speaking this is how I write:  I first list all the ideas I have on an article I wish to write about. If I have no ideas I may browse the Internet for some instant inspiration (For instance in this article I would search for people who have written a good executive summary). Then I keep adding ideas to this list until I run out of them.  The ideas are prioritized and listed in order of decreasing interest. Once I’m satisfied with the outline then I go down the list and expand each idea with meaningful and interesting details. The article is revised to make sure it contains all the important keywords before I click the “publish” button.  It’s always a good thing to re-write your article a final time but keeping your intended audience in mind (as I write I actually imagine reading my article to my friends face-to-face, one-by-one). Then I click the publish button.

Always remember to ask yourself “Why am I writing this article?’ and “Who will benefit from it?”.  Writing is more rewarding when it produces a desired result in yourself and others.

Here’s a first-pass example of what my promo article would contain (the final pass will be shared with you once you shared me your promo piece)

Innovative Marketer

Multi-lingual business developer and marketer available.  I market through events for prepared targetted audiences. Specialty is accessing virgin niche markets and creating a new product for new needs. I re-package existing products and services for current market needs, and make market-driven innovations, Target industries industries: Security, Education, Publishing, Construction, Software

What would your promo contain?

Sharing: Once the promo article is published I then click on the social media share buttons. I also send a link to the article to those people I had in mind when I wrote it and even ask for their feedback.  If anyone likes your blog article enough to tell you why in a comment, then you have achieved something concrete and have initiated a social interaction which may become priceless down the road (Maintain that interaction if you see mutual benefit in it).

Feedback: Blog sites usually show you how many people read your article and how many people liked it.  That is a valuable first indication of what people think of your writing style, your ideas or both.  If you are fortunate enough to have people comment on your article then that means you’ve touched someone significantly. Getting such feedback is so valuable to me as a marketer because I know that with all the electronic and multi-media distractions people have these days then it is a blessing when people actually read your whole article and respond to it.Using this initial feedback you can modify your article, or leave it as it is and write another article.  Writing is tedious but once you really get into it, you enter a trance-like state and you completely lose track of where or when you are.

Why blog?

-Attract clients, employers, supporters, sponsors, friends

-Keep on promoting yourself 24/7

-Blogging can become your new passion, there’s good money in this profession

-You need to explore the beauty of getting what you want by attracting it.

-Attract like minds

-Excellent activity for your mental fitness

-Popular blogs can become vlogs and even become seminars

What could you blog about?

The ideal job

The ideal partner

The ideal company

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Bees, Humans and Aluminum

Please do a GoogleNews search for “Bees and Aluminum” before you read this article.  News of a study linking the massive bee die-off with aluminum pollution is generating a world buzz since last week!

Everyone knows that the bee population of the world is drastically decreasing. Something is killing them off by the millions and many of us have not seen bees at all this year.  The whole world is now talking about the reason why, something found in a recent study that’s making waves around the world. Industrial Aluminum pollution is causing them to have dementia so they can’t fly, orient themselves or even feed themselves. A sort of BuzzHeimer’s Disease.

Why is the world worried?  For one reason, bees are the number one pollinators of flowering plants and trees. Their die-off is affecting the global food supply. Second, aluminum is also fatal to humans in only 3 parts per million in human brain tissue,   and even higher concentrations are being found in the bodies of the dead bees.

Concerned Scientists are gathering around the world to discuss what can be done to prevent a global catastrophe caused by this avoidable pollution.

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Ottawa and Gatineau Summer Socials

For those who live in Canada summer is the best time of the year for socio-business networking. People are everywhere (locals and tourists) and they’re in a more receptive mood for mingling. The probability of meeting the people you need to meet is much greater in the summer months. It’s not a time to waste. There are plenty of outdoor and indoor events for us to attend to make new contacts, even new friends.  Using the Internet you can find events that suit you. The summer of 2015 can become special if we plan this summer just a little better than last year’s.

Since I’ve moved to the national capital region I’ve been organizing my free social events mostly in the summer because I like to mingle while leisurely exercising in the fresh and lively outdoors. There’s no better way to stay healthy, happy and fit than to engage in exercise which is productive, educational and social. Chatwalking is my favorite summer exercise for that reason. I also like to nurture a “productive community spirit” wherever I am. An outdoor picnic setting by a lake provides quite an inspirational environment for meeting, mingling, joining a community, or perhaps even striking an engaging partnership!

My events are different and I hope more people will experience them this summer. People want transactions, transactions of all kinds. Transactions are a top priority of my events, transactions for my guests and for myself as well. Transactions occur when “Trust joins Active Interactions” and we try to achieve all this by starting with our simple “cheer and chat” “communication protocol”, something we explain to all participants of our meetings.  Effective interpersonal skills are critical to the success of any achievement and in any field.  We all know what happened to the Tower of Babylon when, all of a sudden, the workers and the leaders could not understand each other.  We have all attended events where people just “babble on”.  Few attendees achieve anything or even hope to.

All my events have plenty of free parking spaces for my guests and I select locations that are wheelchair accessible, even the outdoor events. Here below are the weekly free events I organize.  If you wish to attend any of them just reach me today so I can send you invitations and reminders. 613-501-4357 I always have my smartphone with me so I will respond to you quickly to answer your questions or save you seat at our next event.

Chatwalks and Photowalks: Great for ideation and brainstorming! (no max)

In Gatineau: Around Lac Leamy Sunday mornings. (1-3 hours) (dog-friendly park)

In Ottawa: Along the Rideau Canal Sunday afternoons (1-3 hours)

Business Picnics: Great for Startups and musicians! (max 100 people)

In Gatineau: Near Lac Leamy Beach (5 hours+) (bring bathing suits)

Job-A-Thons and Client-A-Thons: (by invitation only) (max 200 people)

In Gatineau: At “La Cabane en Bois Rond” 4 times a year (4 hours)

Coffeechats and Teachats: Improve your public speaking skills!  (max 25 people)

In Gatineau: “The Community Room” Sundays (1-3 hours) (cat-friendly location)

In Ottawa:  “Bluebird Coffeeshop” Wednesdays (1-3 hours)


-These are “must participate” events which may change the way you look for work.

-Our events are both on-site and on-line, combining the best of both worlds.

-Job-seekers and client-seekers should contact me one month before events.

-Mention if you are also looking for a #jobsearchbuddy or #clientsearchbuddy .

Communication Protocol to Generate More Transactions for Attendees:

We do have a “communication protocol” at our events to make our meetings more productive and pleasant for all. This helps us all attract more opportunities and it helps close transactions more frequently. This interpersonal communication protocol is also encouraged for online communications between people who meet at our events.  Our protocol is simple but effective.

 Please share this post if you have attended one of my events and find them worth sharing.

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Ten Tips on Job Searching

  1. Friends: Inform them all that you are now (or soon will be) looking for work.
  2. Social media: Use it creatively to let the world know what you have to offer
  3. Job-search buddies: Find three people.  Help them first then they’ll help you.
  4. Client-search: Sometimes it’s easier finding clients than employers.
  5. Client-search buddies:  This may be the trend of the future.
  6. Contact the leaders of your favorite companies: Help them somehow.
  7. Networking events: Join them or create them.
  8. Employment Databases: Use them on a daily basis
  9. Internships: Offer to work for a day or a week for free.
  10. Text me at 613-501-4357: If you seek a job-search buddy in Ottawa, Canada
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Searching, Creating or Attracting?

While we live we all need things.  Some of the things we need are tangible like food, water, and shelter.  Some things are equally important but less tangible like love, happiness and freedom.   But how do we get all that we need when we need it?

In reality, our beautiful blue planet has all that everyone needs in abundance.  There is food and water in abundance.  The reason why so many people lack these things is that they cannot access the land where these essentials are found. The land belongs to someone else and they don’t want trespassers.  So in order to have our own shelter we need to either buy land from a previous owner and build our own shelter, or rent a shelter space on someone’s property.    Some land belongs to our government but generally speaking, we cannot access that land from our own government for reasons I am not clear about.  Some of the land in our country belongs to very wealthy people who live in another part of the country, and often who live in other nations.  Some land even belongs to people who have died.

Currently we need money to have access to food, water, land and shelter.  That money is made by private companies who print it for banks who circulate this money through governments.  To get our hands on some of this money we either have to work for it or get it from someone else, preferably the legal way.  So we need to find work or create it ourselves.  Either way work is providing a service or creating a product that other people need.  But what happens when you cannot find work or if you are unable to create a product or service that others need?  Then you risk not having food, water and shelter.

Does your elected government care if you have food, water, land and shelter?  In a real democracy it should because the people provide all that the government needs.  But your government will not do much to help you find work or create it.  If the government did help us find and create useful and valuable work for us to pay all we need then we would be able to contribute even more to our governments.  So why doesn’t the government do this?  They have plenty of money.  In fact, they have so much of our wealth it is almost impossible to count it all.  I don’t really know the answer to that.  So we’re on our own when it comes to getting work.

So, how does one go about getting work?  We can either find it, attract it, or create it.  We’ll discuss later which is the easier way to earn money.

Theoretically, the Internet should give us access to millions of work opportunities, and though it promotes these millions of work opportunities many are either already filled, or they are phony opportunities to harvest resumes or to mislead the competition so they think a company is thriving with all the opportunities they are posting.  It is a full time job just to find out what the real and current opportunities are. So what do we do next?  We can contact all the companies online (which may take a while unless someone has figured out a fast way to do this) and see if they have work.  We can also contact recruiting companies who already have established some agreements with companies that are hiring.  We can also attend job-fairs and participate in Job-a-Thons. We have some options, but in a world with a weak economy (beats me where all the money in our economy is vanishing to) it is not so simple a task.

Now if finding work is a challenge our next option is  to create it.  Theoretically speaking creating a product or service that others need should be easy but since many others are doing the same, competition becomes an obstacle.  If your offering is for a targeted niche market then you might have a chance.  Or if your product or service is more desirable or useful than other offerings then you will be lucky.  Another option is to better promote your offerings and get a greater market mind-share so more people will think of your offerings first.  That way you can get more money, even with inferior offerings.

How about attracting work opportunities instead?  I believe the idea has merit and is worth trying.  How do you attract work opportunities?  First find out where there’s a need for what you have to offer, then promote it in a location that your market will see your promotion and in a way that will make you stand out above the rest.  Remind your market of their need, make a promo-piece that will convince them you can satisfy that need effectively.   That promo-piece should contain all the keywords that means something to your target market.  It should also show your passion in your work and that is best achieved by telling your market the importance of why you do what you, and why you do it differently.    If people interact with what you write about, that means that what you have written means something to them.  It attracts them.  If they don’t respond to what you write then either they are not interested or they are elsewhere doing something else they prefer with their time.  Basically is means that you were not able to find their need and satisfy it.  People crave interaction.  With practice and with knowledge of who we are writing to we can write promo-pieces that others respond to.

This article was written as an exercise of free flow of thought without planning or editing.

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RECOMMENDATION 001: May 31, 2015 -sylvain henry 613-600-LEAD

I recommend we make a National Bill to oblige food distributors  and restaurants to give away unsold but comestible and clean food to the homeless instead of feeding it to landfills.

RECOMMENDATION 002: May 31, 2015 -sylvain henry 613-600-LEAD

I receommend there be public drinking water fountains in half of the public parks of cities.

RECOMMENDATION 003: May 31, 2015 -sylvain henry 613-600-LEAD

I recommend that there be a sustainable micro-homes district in every city where homelessness is an issue.

RECOMMENDATION 004: May 31, 2015 -sylvain henry 613-600-LEAD

I recommend there be a free and easily accessible way for Canadians to express and record their opinions on any political or social issue of public interest. The database of their opinions should also allow for public voting on any of these issues by any other citizen and resident in the nation.

RECOMMENDATION 005: May 31, 2015 -sylvain henry 613-600-LEAD

I recommend that there be a national referendum if our national leaders want military interventions on any other nation that does not attack us.

RECOMMENDATION 006: May 31, 2015 -sylvain henry 613-600-LEAD

I recommend that all GMO products be banned from Canada.

RECOMMENDATION 007: May 31, 2015 -sylvain henry 613-600-LEAD

I recommend that students and soldiers have a national bill of rights.

RECOMMENDATION 008: June 1, 2015 -sylvain henry 613-600-LEAD

I recommend that pensions should be protected.

RECOMMENDATION 009: June 2, 2015 -sylvain henry 613-600-LEAD

I recommend that wildlife be protected from urban sprawl, and poaching.  All mass animal die-offs be reported immediately and investigated by a non-governmental organization.  Special attention should be given to large mammals (elephants, rhinos, hippos…) which are in danger of extinction.

RECOMMENDATION 010: June 3, 2015 -sylvain henry 613-600-LEAD

I recommend that any national leader who plans a war against a foreign nation for no justifiable reason must send some of their relatives in the theater of war as well.

RECOMMENDATION 011: June 3, 2015 -sylvain henry 613-600-LEAD

I recommend that all those entering politics must record a video of all their pre-election promises and make that video available to the public at all times.  Politicians not keeping their promises should be booted out.

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Integrated Jobathon/Clientothon Meeting Agenda:

Welcome Message:

Welcome to Jobathon 2. This event will be a first of its kind: an “Integrated Jobathon/Clientothon” (or a combined trade-show and job-fair) to help boost our local economy for all.  The date will be announced to all participants soon.

Before the event: Prepare for the conference to optimize transactions (* = required)

  • Prep meeting: All attendees must attend 1 prep meeting at the Community Room *
  • Video-Pitches: original 20-sec video-pitch sent 1-wk before for compilation & promo
  • Promo-Paragraph: Must be emailed 1-wk before event (to*
  • Mini-presentation:  Must be proposed 1-week before event at the latest (max 10 min)
  • Job requirements: must be emailed before event so matches can be made beforehand*

Volunteers: Anyone can volunteer to help this event succeed

  • Volunteers J: becomes Jobsearchbuddy with one of the participants
  • Volunteers E: finds an Employer that attends our event
  • Volunteers M: invites Media reporters to attend
  • Volunteers C:  finds a Client for a business owner that attends our event

Success Sponsors: Those who cause a transaction to take place (they will be suggested for interviews to any media covering the event & invited to a private meeting)

  • Success Sponsors J: succeeds in helping an attendee get a Job
  • Success Sponsors E: any Employer who hires an attendee before or at the event
  • Success Sponsors M: succeeds in getting a reporter to our event
  • Success Sponsors C: succeeds in helping someone get a Client

During the event: The process of the first integrated trade-show/job-fair conference

  • The process is revealed to all participants who attend local Community Room meetings

Conclusion (and what can we do after the event):

  • Discover, share and repeat “what works” until it becomes a permanent habit

Communication Protocol Before, During, and after the Event:

  • No wandering off topic (let’s keep our mind on the goal of the event: transactions)
  • No interruptions when others are speaking (so others won’t do the same to us)
  • No monopolizing of the discussion period (everyone must have their chance to speak)
  • No preaching (convincing others to believe as you do)
  • Participants must speak in one line sentences only
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The Ideal Way to Find Work: Community Job Searching via Job Search Buddies

Globalism, automation and a weak global economy, have all contributed to making job searching more difficult and frustrating, especially in developed countries.  There’s a new way to counter those negative forces: community job-searching via job-search buddies. And I can testify that it works well locally.

In its simplest form my “community job-searching” system is when 5 people meet in person and agree to search for opportunities for each other over time, regardless if any of the group members are working or not.  Your selection of your 5 group members should also include an innovator and a marketer. Hopefully all group members are people from growth industries.

Once the group has met for the first time and has agreed to give this a try then they must commit to trying this new system for at least two weeks. During this time each member must clarify to the others the top three things they are looking for, in order of decreasing priority. It takes that long for people to have a clear mental picture of what other members are looking for, via trial and error, and remember what the five others are looking for.  As each individual starts their own daily job search via their preferred opportunity databases, they also will no doubt see opportunities that might be of interest for the other four.  If so they just email a copy of that opportunity to the appropriate members of their little group.

Once members receive opportunities from an other group member they must acknowledge receipt of that lead and reply to them if it was a close fit.  Then they can apply for the opportunity immediately.  It is important to remember not criticize the findings of the other participants during the two week period since it is a period of adjustment and fine tuning of the system.  If you inform other members that the leads that they have sent you are totally off the mark and not worth applying for then that will discourage that member to send you other leads and they will focus on helping the other members instead.

This system multiplies your opportunity searching efforts while making it more fun and meaningful. It will make you want to keep on using it even after you find the opportunity you were looking for.  It is a community-oriented system which can also help you indirectly since the karma you create is in a smaller circle.  The system will also help you uncover and apply for opportunities you could never find on your own or even think of finding in the hidden job market (before they are posted online).  You also benefit from the growing circle of influence you have co-created.

Personally I like this system because it works and gives me an opportunity to improve my memory, to the benefit of my community.  I even have a location for my group to meet each week, I call it the “Cheer and Chat Community Room“.

You know that the effective way to find work these is through networking so I urge you to consider trying this new system and let me know if it works for you.  Your circle of five friends may even grow in ways that will surprise all the participants.

Please try it and let me know how it works out for you.

Find: #jobsearchbuddies #clientsearchbuddies #barterbuddies #languagebuddies #communitybuilders

sylvain henry

support localism

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Change March

It seems that all the major social changes that have materialized in different countries and cultures took place because some individual or small group decided to march for change. Gandhi’s “salt march”, Jesus’s  “triumphant entry into Jerusalem”, Martin Luther King’s “March on Washington” are some well known examples.  There is no doubt that these marches had a huge and permanent impact on all of humanity.  So if marches change things and give people what they need and want then we should march on.

Recently I’ve been thinking of making marches a routine weekly habit for smaller changes, a “multi-purpose change march”.  This could be a march for people to pair up with like minds who wish for certain changes and walk while talking.  People could find marching buddies for bartering, job-searching, client-searching, practicing languages, or discuss about nutrition and relationships.  It could even be used to discuss strategies for making social changes in the community.  If this “change March” can become an ongoing habit, a pleasant and inexpensive routine that is part of a community and specific to that community.  It could be a weekly town meeting on the go, one that gradually brings about positive changes to the individual participants and the community at the same time.

I think it’s worth a try and I have planned such a march in my community to see if it will be something that citizens want or need.

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Love Formula

Do we find love or do we create it?  I think the answer is a bit of both but more of the latter.

When Before Where: Regarding finding love the question is more when you find it rather than where.  Here’s what I mean: when you are ready for love it will be easier to attract.  First there’s the physical aspect.  When we make ourselves sufficiently physically attractive more people will take notice, more heads will turn regardless of our age.  That would mean being fit and well-groomed, often wearing a smile or projecting a positive attitude about us.  If we can make heads turn in our direction then we should confident courtesy to acknowledge someone’s interested gaze.  (The question of where will be covered in another post)

How Before Who: If we notice someone showing interest in our physical selves then we must muster the courage to attempt an ice-breaking greeting and creative introduction, something comes with experience (that will be covered in my next post).  If you can accomplish this then all that remains is for them to appreciate who you really are inside.  That would require time but if you can give tour “prospect” a taste of how you are then it will be easier for them to desire who you are which is something more complex and requires days of dating.  If people sense that you are direct but diplomatic, witty and unassuming, self-confident without being selfish then I suspect that will attract a great number of people.

The Formula:  If you are fortunate enough to find a like-minded soul and the passion sets in then you enter the relationship mode. If the relationship that develops is one worth maintaining then here are the parameters for a love formula for a lasting relationship:

Communication: You must constantly maintain communication lines open with your partner.  Communication could be verbal or non-verbal, online and onsite, sometimes a simple text will be cherished for months.

Honesty: You must communicate with all honesty about important matters though a few white lies are sometimes necessary for the more trivial matters.

Respect: If you are able to communicate with honesty on all important matters then you absolutely must respect the your partner if you have significant differences.  In general, you must respect those differences and not try to convert them to your way of seeing things or believing.  Preaching is for priests, politicians and the press but not for most genuine people.

Integrity: Say what you mean, mean what you say and do what you believe in.  And try to be as punctual as possible.

Synergy: Synergy is not reserved for the couple’s bedroom, there must be other synergies within a couple beyond sex.  It could be a common love for walking, kayaking, protecting animals. If you have no activities in common beyond the bedroom then you better maintain your productivity in that area or the relationship will die within days.

Passion: I think this topic requires no further discussion except to add that the passion between individuals does not have to be physical. (Some people have meaningful non-sexual relationships with other species.  Were this not so, many more animal species would now be extinct.)

Peace: To me this topic is as important as passion, and for permanent relationships even more so.  When you feel as comfortable and peaceful with another soul as you are with yourself then you are home.

How the Formula Works: Now that you’ve learned the parameters that I think are essential in maintaining a love relationship here’s the formula: If any of these parameters decrease in a relationship, then you have time to remedy the situation and maintain the relationship.  Once there or more parameters lower in the same day or week then the relationship will die.  Also if the parameters are most often all up your energy levels and creativity will also be up.  Reaching higher levels of personal energy and productivity are some of the fruits of love.  Love also unites and protects.

Do you agree or disagree with the formula?  Am I missing some parameters in this formula?

PS You can also love someone at a far distance from you.

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“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” That passage from the bible has always resonated well with me.  I interpret it as meaning if you want to change your circumstances then change your way of thinking.  The thoughts you have have led you to where you are in life but change your thoughts and your life changes.  New thoughts mean open up new options and new venues, regardless of what it is you want to change.
But how do you renew your mind to attain a specific transformation or goal?  Here are some things I am working on myself to renew my mind:
1. Forget the old, don’t fight the old, focus on the new.
2. Find a new environment for you to accomplish this transformation: A prime place.
3. Find the ideal time of week and time of day
4. Avoid people who are stuck in following or fighting the old ways.  Especially avoid those who block your progress.
5. Find and attract people who seek or follow new ways.
6. Find a model you can imitate or acquire short cuts from.
7. Use new tools and techniques if the old tools have you lead you nowhere
In summary, change depends on internal and external circumstances.  Internally it is a matter of will, desire and persistence.  Externally it is a matter of finding (or creating) and staying in the ideal  physical environment for you to grow most rapidly in.  The internal part is the priority
My ideal places for thinking and changing are my kitchen table and the lake near my place.  My ideal environment is an area that is well lit by natural sunlight, well-oxygenated and quiet.  The ideal environment also includes people, especially when I’m in chatwalks with certain like-minded friends around our local lake.  Internally, I am developing my will, desire and persistence to change myself, to optimize myself on different levels and once I achieve that then I know I can bring needed changes to my community.
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I used to take community for granted when I was young.  I though it was normal and comfortable.  It made me feel like I belonged somewhere.  Now, fifty years later I find I only find traces of it here and there.  Our sense of community is disappearing, so are communities themselves. Even though we still have some real communities, whether they be religious, cultural, sports, and other special interest groups they seem to be dwindling in size, spirit and influence and giving way to virtual communities that are larger in size.  Members in groups today are often separated from each other by technological gadgets to the point that members often communicate with each other using electronic communication devices, even though they may happen to be in the same building. The “common cause” also seems divided. What’s the result?  Individuals of modern communities feel isolated and the community is less productive and influential.

Can that be changed in a technocratic world?  Technology can be extremely useful in a community if it is used well, otherwise technology may tip the scale in favour of a virtual world over a real world.  But what kind of community would be best suited to tip the community scale toward the real world?  In my mind the two candidates would be business networking groups or singles groups.  In either of these groups meeting other people face-to-face is definitely more advantageous.

In the case of business networking groups the group brainstorming activity is way more productive onsite than online, in fact I have never seen a productive online brainstorming group.   Furthermore, business transactions depend on trust and it is difficult to trust someone you may never meet.  Few people would dare share million dollar ideas online.  Other people would be more likely to steal your idea rather than spend time improving it for the sake of someone they had never met.

In the case of singles groups you have the additional element of physical chemistry and body language which online experiences can never really compete with.

I am proposing to create an event which attempts to demonstrate the value of onsite meetings as opposed to online meetings.  This free event on May 24th in Gatineau, Quebec, I will also combine singles and business net-workers at this event.  I will then report on the results.

Locals are welcome to attend.  

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My first public event of 2015 in Ottawa will be a conference on promoting integrity in government (and business). Integrity to me means being honest, doing the right things, being transparent and accountable and having no hidden agenda.

If you live in the Ottawa area please help me make this event successful by attending, inviting a friend, or contributing ideas. I have full faith it will attract public attention and lead to positive change in government and business.  If, perhaps with your help, more than 100 people attend then I will try to find an auditorium or rent a cinema hall so we can be more comfortable.  Otherwise the event will be held at our regular meeting location at the World Exchange Plaza downtown.

SUSTAINABLE INTEGRITY: Should we have such a private venue then I will be introducing and demonstrating a better way of attracting professional transactions for us all.  Perhaps it might even encourage our government to become more sustainable itself, just as companies are.  This  “better way” to attract transactions can only be demonstrated live using technoloigy, but using it in a new way.  So for that reason I hope we can find a private hall.  I am also hoping one of us will videorecord the event so we can share it online for others who care about this important topic, which is becoming more popular minute-by-minute.  I believe that attracting people of integrity in a convenient location and helping them get transactions is a good way to start making integrity desirable and sustainable.   As always, my event is free.  It is my hope that many representatives of our government will attend.

Sylvain  Henry  “INTEGRITAS Ottawa 2015”



[I appreciate any assistance in promoting this event.  Please let me know if you would like to have a customized invitation link for you to invite your friends.]

To register:

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Lunch and Learn at Work

Someone once said that meetings are places “where you waste hours while someone takes minutes”.  The same cannot be said of “Lunch and Learn” meetings.  According to Google Trends, the “lunch and learn” phenomenon that started back in 2006 has been increasing in popularity ever since and shows no sign of slowing.  Companies and organizations gladly sponsor the meals of participants because valuable information is shared off hours and eating together creates harmony and inspires creativity.

When the presenters at a company “lunch and learn” are staff members of that same company this may gradually inspire leadership and innovation.  Presenters prepare themselves off hours and the planning of the event is as simple as setting a date for the meeting and ordering food into a boardroom or cafeteria. When the presenters are external to the company then the sponsoring company gets new perspectives, unaffected by a company’s culture, which can be quite stimulating.  If the external presenter has industry experience then the attendance would no doubt increase.  But even if the presenter does not have experience in the sponsoring company’s industry some novel ideas from other industries can lead to innovation to the company’s industry through the company that hosts this meeting.

Companies and organizations based in or near the national capital region of Canada now have the best of both worlds since a company called ITPLANIT, located in downtown Ottawa, offers free “lunch and learn” presentations while paying for the meals of 5-10 participants.  Companies wishing to see for themselves the benefit of this popular phenomenon have nothing to lose by experiencing one of the 20 topics they present.  The may have much to gain.  Try it!

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Harper’s Anti-Spam Legislation (HASL)

On July 1st, 2014. Prime Minister Harper’s Anti-Spam Legislation came into effect.  It requires major changes because it will be harming small businesses as well as individuals.  Do we not have adequate Anti Spam and Email Security Software?  For that purpose I’m now collecting horror stories from the first victims of this law.  If you are against this law or you know a victim of it, please “like” “share” “retweet”  “reblog” “text” this note and share it with friends and small business owners who may be interested in changing or scrapping an unjust law.

 This law will affect:

-Ordinary Canadians sending emails to friends, colleagues and business prospects

-Internet Service Providers

-Domain name registrars

Even if you do not live in Canada, I would like to hear from you because if my effort to change or scrap this law succeeds, you may want to see how we did it.  This law will be coming to all NWO countries.  Canadians are just the Beta Testers.

POLL: 613-600-5323

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Effective Networking

If you are interested in the science and the art of socio-business networking then you will like this upcoming event at the World Exchange Plaza on November 1st, 2014 in Ottawa.

This event has no agenda, it is a pilot event that encourages all attendees to try out innovative networking strategies and tactics to see which ones lead to transactions of different kinds (employer hires candidate, inventor finds investors, startups find the services they need, people meet their soul mates…).

For those interested the event will be preceded by a chatwalk and followed by a movie at Imperial Cinema, a few steps away from our meeting.

Join the fun!  All are welcome!  All my events are free and wheelchair accessible.

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Hypernetwork of Broadcasting Activists

The Mass Action Demand Hypernetwork of Broadcasting Activists” will be launching its second 24-hour radiothon on April 19th, 2014. All are welcome to listen in or participate in this world truth e-conference focused on clean air, clean water, clean food and clean government. The format will be different from the first radiothon in that the broadcasting talk show activists will be relaying guest speakers around the world.

To listen in: just subscribe to
To call in: just add sylvain.henry (Canada) as a Skype friend
To speak or perform on air text 613-600-LEAD or email

To join the hypernetwork:

Any help to promote this event is appreciated.

Broadcasting Schedule:

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The New Human

Our changing world urgently needs new leaders with new qualities because the current ones are not delivering us the better world we want. These qualities apply to any person but are becoming necessary for leadership.  Below is a compilation of the “Qualities of the New Human” based on recommendations from friends in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  This is a work in progress and once completed should be considered by all people since we all need to eventually become leaders in one field of life or another.
The New Human:
Believes in the transformational power of love-energy.
-Lives in harmony with himself/herself, with others and with nature
-Loves people and has a practical compassion for all humanity, especially the less fortunate.
-Constantly improves herself/himself but does not wait to be perfect to start changing the world.
-Does not waste time with trivialities that have no useful purpose for others.
-Meditates often and follows meditation with useful actions.
-Stands actively and publicly for peace, truth, equality and justice.
-Has a healthy balance of selflessness and selfishness.
-Invests for the sake of people as well as profits.
-Practices direct charity, direct democracy.
-Strengthens body and mind through routine daily exercises.
-Thinks critically and questions everything that is worthwhile questioning, and even the status quo
-Thinks creatively and thinks “out of the box” when necessary
-Decides with Reason, not Emotions, as his guide
-Adapts quickly to changing situations and environments
-Believes in the sovereign rights of individuals
-Sees the world as it is but works to make the world what it should be.
-Cares about clean air, clean water, clean food, clean government
-Corrects his/her weaknesses and mistakes with time
-Speaks clearly, concisely and courageously
-Shares his/her creative achievements 
-Focuses his/her thoughts, energies, words and actions where it matters most
-Is a community organizer who can unite people when collaboration is needed to solve community issues
-Is an enviro-social conscious consumer and investor
-Is incorruptible 
-Smiles often
If you have most of these qualities, then look for a field you can excel in and the people will have you as their leader.  If you know someone who has all these qualities then promote them in any way you can till they become a leader in a certain field.
 Thanks to those who suggested qualities of the new human for this post.


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World Peace Centre in Parc de la Gatineau!

The world needs a World Peace Centre-a global meeting centre for peace professionals from all nations.  I recommend that this centre be built in Gatineau’s National Park.  I would also like to recommend that all my chatwalking friends who live within driving range of this beautiful park join me on Sunday, October 6th, 2013 for a chatwalk in this park to discuss where within the park we can build this centre.  We will take our cameras and take photos that we can share online for a vote on the ideal location.  I also invite all my friends online who read this post contribute ideas towards this project.  Let’s start the discussion here.
Reasons for nominating the Gatineau location for the World Peace centre:
-A Bill for the creation of the Canadian Ministry of Peace is now in the house of commons
-The National Capital region has experienced military peacekeepers personel available
-The National Capital region has the greatest number of peace groups in Canada
-The National Capital region has the greatest number of conflict resolution experts
-The National Capital region has the most embassies & consulates 
-The National Capital region has the only organization that certifies peace professionals
-The National Capital region has the largest school of journalism in the nation
-The National Capital region has the Canadian Parliament
-The National Capital region is already designated as a “city of peace”
-The National Capital region has the greatest hotel room vacancy rate
-Gatineau park is spacious, quiet and beautiful.
-It is minutes away from an International airport
-Suggestion is supported by Citizens Want Peace
Would you like a World Peace Centre in the National Capital Region of Canada?
Join me, I’m working on it!


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International Peace Day

Arun Gandhi, friends and I
 (Photo of Arun Gandhi, Sylvain Henry and friends at Peace and Prosperity event)
Sept 21st was the date selected by the UN to celebrate Int’l Peace Day.  
It is also:
The autumnal equinox
The day the French National Convention voted to abolish the monarchy 1792
The day The New York Sun ran the “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” editorial.  1897
The day Britain went off the gold standard 1931
The first day Japan started occupying China 1931
The birthdate of the People’s Republic of China 1949
The day Malta gained independence from Britain. 1964
The day the first naturalized citizen holds the office of Secretary of State: Henry Kissinger 1973

Perhaps it will be an important day for you too!

Below is the schedule of events for Ottawa’s Peace Week starting on World Peace Day.  Please share.


7th Ottawa Peace Festival

21 September – 2 October, 2013   Admission Free

Art Exhibit

September 01 to September 30

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: In his own words: A Photo Exhibit at Ottawa Main Public Library, 120 Metcalfe at Laurier (Contact: Daniel Stringer, National Capital Peace Council, 613-792-1431 )

 Peace events

►Saturday, Sept.21:11am–1 pm: 14th Annual Grandfather William Commanda (Ojigkwanong) Peace Event, including Peace proclamations and Paddle for Peace at Victoria Island (Contact: Circle of All Nations: Romola Trebilcock, 613-599-8385,

►Sunday, Sept.22: 6:45 pm — Film: Do the Math, 30 Cleary Avenue, Unitarian Church (Contact: Frances Deverell,president@cusj.orgThe First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, 613-747-7584);  AND 7:00 pm to 9 pm — “United Nations Peacekeeping: (1) Canada can do more; and (2) the proposed UN Emergency Peace Service,” McNabb Community Center auditorium, 180 Percy Street (Contact: Fergus Wattwfcnat@web.caWorld Federalist Movement – Canada, 613-232-0647).

►Tuesday, Sept.24: 7.30 am — Breakfast Speaker series: “Human Rights and Guatemala,” by Eric Schiller, at Donna’s Express café, 322 Churchill Avenue North (at Scott St) — Free breakfast. (by National Capital Peace Council (NCPC) of the Universal Peace Federation : Daniel Stringer,  613-792-1431). AND 6 pm – 8.30 pm — CPI Panel: “Beyond War and Militarism: Nonkilling Security,” Main Public Library Auditorium, 120 Metcalfe at Laurier (Contact: Iman IbrahimCanadian Peace Initiative, 613-276-6764)

►Wednesday, Sept.25: 7:30 pm – 9 pm — Panel: Peace Professionals – What Difference Will They Make?, Sandy Hill Community Centre, Conference Room, 250 Somerset Street East @t Sweetland Ave. (Contact: GordBreedyk,CPSC,613-612-0306,

►Thursday, Sept.26:  6.30 pm -9 pm — Panel: “Dialogue with Diversity: Reaching Out Across the Ethnic/Religious Divide,” Ottawa Main Public Library Auditorium, 120 Metcalfe at Laurier (Qais Ghanem,, 613-265-4654)  

►Friday, Sept.27: 7 pm – 9 pm — Circle Panel Dialogue: “Creating the Foundation for Healing and for Peace,” Ottawa Citizen Building, 1101 Baxter Road (Contact: Heart + Soul Light Centre: Judith Matheson 819-684-3099)

►Saturday, Sept. 28: 11 am – 4:30 pm — Friends for Peace Day 11th Anniversary celebrations:  music, silent auction, information tables, peace awards, at Jean Pigott Place, Ottawa City Hall rotunda, 110 Laurier Avenue West.(Contact: Friends of Peace: Ian Prattis, 613-726-0881, Facebook) AND
1 pm – 4 pm — Workshop: Spiritpainting for Peace, in Manotick. No fees but registration is required to get address. (Contact: Jen Jones: 613- 266-8063,,

►Sunday, Sept. 29: 2nd Annual M.K. Gandhi Lecture on Peace and the Humanities, Carleton University — (New) River Building, Lecture Theatre Room 2200, Floor 2, Carleton University. (Contact: )

►Monday, Sept. 30:  7pm — Peace Song Sing-A-Long : Old Town Hall Community Centre, 61 Main Street at Hawthorne (Contact: Jason Bailey, Canadian Peace Initiative, 613-291-0200.

►Tuesday, Oct. 01: 12:30 pm -“Prophets of War: Unmasking the Defence Lobby,” a presentation by William D. Hartung,  Councillor Lounge, City Hall, 100 Laurier Ave W. (Contact: Kathleen Walsh, Rideau Institute,, 613-565-9449 x21)

►Wednesday, Oct. 02: 7-9 pm — Panel: “Gandhi and King: Prophets of Non-violent Resistance.” Greenery Room, Travel Lodge Hotel, 1376 Carling Ave (Contact: Daniel Stringer, National Capital Peace Council, 613-792-1431)

International Interfaith Prayer Day - 4th day each month


What you can do for peace.

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Operation Peace Snowball

If you are interested in promoting peaceful solution to the problems in the Middle East, please join us by accumulating all the best links that promote peace and hope but do not share them yet.  Just let your friends know about Operation Snowball and ask them to collect similar links but not share them.  Once we have enough people with enough links to share we will post them all at once (same day) in all social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter
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Why wait for peace?

Preparations for a new western war in the middle east have been ongoing for years at the cost of billions. Historically, Western countries do not have the habit of shipping billions of the tools of war unless they will use use them. In addition, some western countries are re-introducing mandatory military service legislation for youth between 19-25. If, for this these and other reasons, you believe a war against Syria or Iran is about to take place then please join us in doing something to prevent it. Citizens want peace and there is much we can do to prevent war.

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Peace Prayer for Awakened Citizens

When citizens realize they have no say over the quality of food, water and air they consume, they know their freedom & lives are at risk.
My best peace thoughts go out to awakened citizens, these light bearers among us, as well as others who befriend them and reflect their light.  May peace reach you at light-speed and full-impact whenever you stand for Truth.
To the Awakened Citizen:
May my peace prayer find its way to you and bless the one you know who was inspired to share it with you.
May you form a clear mental vision of what must be said and done to make this a better world for all.
May you find the courage to rise up, share your vision of a better world, and attract other light bearers locally.
May you find a common ground to unite the local awakened citizens in purpose and peaceful action.
May you fuel in them a burning and persistent desire to make things right, natural and fair.
May you collaborate with other awakened citizens nationally.
May you always believe that change will happen thanks to what you are doing today.
May your thoughts, words and actions have greater impact and lead us closer to the change we need.
May you gain the respect, support and admiration of those not yet wakened to the truths around us.
May these words remind you of the greatest truth. Awakened citizens are not alone and are now mass-uniting.
    It’s Time for Truth to Triumph!
Thanks to awakened and peaceful citizens I see the day when:
Political leaders will now rise to represent us and start caring about our health, our freedoms, our peace of mind. 
Mayors will just  purify our public drinking water. They’ll turn a deaf ear to the chemical & pharmaceutical industry.
Farmers will soon profitably produce safe and delicious crops from nature’s own seeds using nature’s nourishment.
Independent scientists will continually monitor the quality of the air we breathe for radiation and toxic particles.
Independent inventors & investors will soon deliver us safer and cheaper energy sources. This can bring peace.
Peace officers will connect with our community to prevent crimes as well as solve them.
Corporations will gain so much by manufacturing safe food products. Profits as well as client trust and loyalty.
Employers will participate in their community and succeed with it.
The unemployed will barter their services until they find better employment that pay living wages.
Secure social media networks will be created for those who struggle for peace and justice. 
Awakened peaceful citizens will become employees and partners of choice! 
A  transparent system will be devised to make political corruption almost impossible.
“Investigators, altruists, and philanthropists will work to end all type of human trafficking.” 1
“Health professionals will now work on illness prevention through nutrition, exercise and humour.” 1
“Nations will settle disagreements with diplomatic communication, not with propaganda and destruction.” 1
“Spiritual leaders will now focus on peace, justice and service, not on guilt, greed and worldly domination.” 1
“Random acts of kindness will become common.” 1  
“Police will police themselves and fight corruption from within.” 1
“There will be a profitable peace industry filled with peace professionals in every nation.”  1
“Soldiers will defend our nation and help prevent wars, not attack other nations for profit or political gain.”  1 “Thousands of people from different faiths will focus on, or pray for, peace in the same hour.” 1 

Shine your light upon your community and point the way to the powerful new reality we all desire. 
 -sylvain henry (CanadianSpartacus) April 24th, 2013 “We will win with words” 
For the final version of this prayer draft please contact me at 
If you wish to read this prayer on your own Youtube channel you may do so (please mention my name)
Please share this prayer with another awakened citizen so that we can all connect.
I will follow anyone who “Likes” this post since I want to follow all awakened citizens.
If you know anyone or any organization that has achieved one of the things I pray for, please let me know so I can include a link to them.
Please join us “Worldwide Focus on Peace July 4th” https://
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How to Amplify and Magnify Peace

How to Amplify and Magnify Peace by sylvain henry

In the last 100 years over 200 million soldiers and civilians have been killed in wars they didn’t want. We still don’t want wars and yet, once again, our western leaders have brought us to the very edge of another “humanitarian” invasion in the Middle East. Either our leaders are giving us a deaf ear or our voice has been too quiet. On the other hand, our leaders’ voice, the mainstream media, is loudly pressing us to believe there’s an “urgent necessity” to wage war with Syria and Iran. Leaders, however, fail to remind us of the high risks involved in warring against nations that may be backed by a military superpowers so since Russia and China are standing firm against a possible unprovoked attack of Syria and Iran, initiating hostilities may lead to a third world war. A military clash between superpowers would be a short one since it will likely involve the mass deployment of modern nuclear missiles, each of which has the devastating power of 1000 bombs like the one dropped over Hiroshima, almost 70 years ago. A world war in 2012 can have no winners so it’s to everyone’s benefit to see to it that those who want to wage peace get the strongest voice.

Since there has never been an organization that was loud enough to prevent wars, I’ve made it my mandate to engage my own community in peace discussions. To get this conversation going, I’ve listed on the Internet 1001 peace-actions we all can do to bring us closer to the end of all wars. To make it more fun, I also provide in this list a direct way for us to do these simple and safe actions with others.

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One of the 1001 items on this peace-action list is for citizens to create their own “peace and prosperity” event, as I had done back in 2009, in Ottawa, Canada. With no budget whatsoever, but with lots of community help and support, I created an international event at a local high school gym. I had invited Mahatma Gandhi’s very own grandson, Arun, to be our guest speaker. The spirit of our event attracted him as I had hoped and Mr. Gandhi accepted my invitation. Somehow this spirit also attracted the participation of four foreign ambassadors as well as First Nations leader William Comanda. I thought at the time that the presence of well known personalities would amplify our peace message and create a lasting impression. I was partly right. Our community event had some international impact and was well attended by citizens and small business owners. However, every decision-maker (Canadian politician) and decision influencer (mainstream media journalist) I had invited declined to join us at the last moment. This taught me an unforgettable lesson: we first need to find those who want to hear our message, before we voice it.

Finding those who want to hear the message of world peace in a crowd of some 7 billion people is a quite challenge. My “shot in the dark” answer to this challenge is my Green Light Project, another item on my list. Peacemakers need to attract peace-lovers in these dark times so why not use light? To help them become more visible to each other, I convinced some 400 people to light green light bulbs in front of their homes and keep them turned on all night as a constant and visible reminder to passersby to talk peace. Thinking big once more, I believe peace makers and peace lovers can come-together as a community to light a path to peace using something we all need to keep us out of the dark. Communities can give peace the green light. This new idea is glowing brighter every day especially in a world where fewer people like to read. We hope this idea might even attract us a sponsor who will magnify our light. The message of peace needs to be magnified and amplified.

How do you amplify a message for the world to hear? Can we find an effective way to share critical messages nationally or beyond? The profit-oriented mega-media companies could do so but at a price we couldn’t afford. Besides they have never been peace’s messenger. I am willing to bet community newspapers and community-based internet media would and could, if they formed an informal national alliance to do so. They could make a some space available to share critical national articles or announcements, and print local responses to them. Publishing messages that have a large common ground would foster a connectedness to a larger community. It would also affect a large enough percentage of the population to make any message loud and clear. Community-based news papers and Internet media can be the blow-horn of peace.

Arun Gandhi’s grandfather, the Mahatma, knew this well. In his own community newspaper he printed the truths Indians were longing to hear. The Mahatma called truth itself an unstoppable force which he named “Satyagraha” (truth force) and even instructed his readers on how to use the force. The main truth he was focusing on at the time was his nation’s desire to have the British Empire leave India. Gandhi’s expression of this truth was amplified in the other community newspapers of the world’s largest democracy till the truth became so loud it manifested itself: Gandhi asked the British to leave and they left, peacefully as friends.

The desire for world peace in 2012 is now the common ground message of humanity. I, and others, hope the national alliance of community-based newspapers and community-based Internet media entities becomes the new force to manifest this truth. Once it is, I will submit my message for approval to this force:

If you oppose your country’s involvement in unprovoked wars then join us now to give “world peace” the “green light”. Turn on a green light in front of your dwelling every night till peace prevails. Amplify your action by sharing this message and a green light bulb with your neighbor, or with a neighboring community newspaper or Internet media office. By doing so, you will begin the alliance our nation needs, the one that gives us all a stronger voice and a greater connectedness.”

All it takes to bring peace in our world is that only 3% of the population believe peace is both necessary and achievable. A league of alternative media professionals is the tool we need to amplify and magnify this message. Join me in making this tool available to citizens. The process is already started.

sylvain henry, 613-600-5323,

League of Alternative Media Professionals (LAMP)

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Your First SEO Strategy

Recommendations for your First SEO Strategy

Source: Your First SEO Strategy

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Writing Blog Articles for Audience of Three

Whether I blog for a cause, a commercial market, or for my friends I now let my market decide what I write about when I’m writing blog articles.  It’s more pleasant and beneficial that way.  To find out what interests my professional circles I browse news aggregation sites as well as online trend-searching tools like TwitterTrends and GoogleTrends for the new and important topics of the week.  I usually find a good topic for an article within seconds.  Using these trend-searching tools you’ll see for yourself that topics like “content marketing” and “webinars” are definitely trending now and will be for months to come. More often than not the topics I select are indeed of interest to my market and many of my friends. Once found I simply create an outline for this topic and list all the ideas I’d like to share with others about it. If the ideas in the outline are hot then the keywords and key phrases will be also.  However, if I cannot find a hot or important topic to write about using my “trend search tools” then I use the several idea-generating tools online which can stimulate ideas for a new topic.  Otherwise I go for a walk outside (with a paper notepad) and and let the fresh air inspire my creativity.

I write the outlines of my articles on Saturdays because I know I can reach my friends more easily and have them review my outline if I feel the topic would interest them.  Their feedback is valuable and it’s always good to consider different perspectives and new ideas.   I usually use a web-based word processing application like Google docs for outlining and writing because it’s an online document-editing tool that’s freely available to everyone, everywhere, anytime.  Online collaborative-editing benefits all whom it involves and is one of the world‘s best tools for stimulating creative flow.  What’s nice about blogging online is that you can always come back to articles you’ve written in the past and optimize them from time to time.

My writing style is simple and I like to call it my “audience of three”. I try to make my articles interesting or useful to myself first, then I re-write it thinking of how I can make it interesting to one of my friends, one of my clients.  That’s it.  With this approach writing becomes more of a conversation.  A good article is a good conversation.  Creative flow matters to me more than polished prose.  I do not intend to have a Pulitzer Prize in literature but I do intend to have useful and pleasant conversations with my clients and friends.  Marketing, after all, is simply a conversation with your market.  If our article get good responses from our readers then we are good content marketers.

Once I’ve finished my first draft using my “audience of three” conversation-style writing then I check it for flow, clarity, brevity and usefulness before I publish it and share it in three different social media sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). I then get a fresh cup of coffee and look at the real-time Google Analytics stats right after publishing it.  Using this tool I see if a certain location in Canada is viewing my article.  If I’m writing about employment, for instance, I usually notice that people in Calgary are on my blog’s website. I can then fine tune my article to impact those who are reading it.  I can even change the title of the article to suit the most interested audience.  Once people respond to your article blogging then becomes a real-time conversation with your market and friends. Will you post a comment?

-sylvain henry

PS If your blog article becomes popular then you might consider using a tele-prompting tool (example:EasyPrompter) to read your article out loud and make it an audio-blog or a video-blog.

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.” – Lee Odden

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New Force Against Austerity

CanadianSpartacus's Blog

When government expenses exceed government revenue they are in a budgetary deficit, something that happens during adverse economic conditions or poor administration of public wealth.  To reduce budgetary deficits, governments reassure their creditors by deliberately resorting to austere policies that either increases taxation and fee costs, cuts spending or both.  Historically, austerity programs were implemented by countries that were previously under dictatorial regimes. Almost always, the lower and middle class citizens are forced to repay the debts of those who oppress them.   Governments do not have to engage in austerity, they want to.  Politicians (of most parties), the media and the upper classes of a nation rarely reject austerity policies.
Austerity is the enemy of economic growth, justice, and peace.
Here are some basic questions I have about austerity:
What do most citizens think about austerity?
-Whatever the media tells them.  There are fewer…

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From stones to castles.

Source: From stones to castles.

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From stones to castles.

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17-year old CEO is working towards eliminating homelessness in Canada

Source: 17-year old CEO is working towards eliminating homelessness in Canada

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S.T.A.R. Debate

You are invited to attend the 2015 S.T.A.R. Debate on Sunday, September 27th, at a location in downtown Ottawa to be announced shortly. Attend the very first Canadian debate to include the leaders of all parties INCLUDING independents. Questions from the audience will also be addressed by the candidates. The location/schedule will be announced shortly. Please share this event. To reserve your seat:

613-600-LEAD (if you are a candidate interested in participating)
613-501-HELP (if you are interested in volunteering at the event)

To listen in on Skype: Add sylvain.henry (Ottawa) to your friend list
Media mentions of our first STAR debate:

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Non-Profits: Your business (funding) model is a fail! Learn the 3 basics of business development…

Non-Profits: Your business (funding) model is a fail! Learn the 3 basics of business development….

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