The New Human

Our changing world urgently needs new leaders with new qualities because the current ones are not delivering us the better world we want. These qualities apply to any person but are becoming necessary for leadership.  Below is a compilation of the “Qualities of the New Human” based on recommendations from friends in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  This is a work in progress and once completed should be considered by all people since we all need to eventually become leaders in one field of life or another.
The New Human:
Believes in the transformational power of love-energy.
-Lives in harmony with himself/herself, with others and with nature
-Loves people and has a practical compassion for all humanity, especially the less fortunate.
-Constantly improves herself/himself but does not wait to be perfect to start changing the world.
-Does not waste time with trivialities that have no useful purpose for others.
-Meditates often and follows meditation with useful actions.
-Stands actively and publicly for peace, truth, equality and justice.
-Has a healthy balance of selflessness and selfishness.
-Invests for the sake of people as well as profits.
-Practices direct charity, direct democracy.
-Strengthens body and mind through routine daily exercises.
-Thinks critically and questions everything that is worthwhile questioning, and even the status quo
-Thinks creatively and thinks “out of the box” when necessary
-Decides with Reason, not Emotions, as his guide
-Adapts quickly to changing situations and environments
-Believes in the sovereign rights of individuals
-Sees the world as it is but works to make the world what it should be.
-Cares about clean air, clean water, clean food, clean government
-Corrects his/her weaknesses and mistakes with time
-Speaks clearly, concisely and courageously
-Shares his/her creative achievements 
-Focuses his/her thoughts, energies, words and actions where it matters most
-Is a community organizer who can unite people when collaboration is needed to solve community issues
-Is an enviro-social conscious consumer and investor
-Is incorruptible 
-Smiles often
If you have most of these qualities, then look for a field you can excel in and the people will have you as their leader.  If you know someone who has all these qualities then promote them in any way you can till they become a leader in a certain field.
 Thanks to those who suggested qualities of the new human for this post.



About CanadianSpartacus

I am a Canadian Ombudsman for those who wish to have a response from their governments regarding critical issues. I amplify their voices and help clarify their message with a system that is simple, sound, safe and sure. Available 24/7
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2 Responses to The New Human

  1. Eri H. says:

    Couldn’t agree no more with your statements above mentioned Sylvain…Would all of those be significant without sincerity to caring others & honesty?

  2. Thank you Sylvain.

    Modern science now reveals that creative solutions are more easily accessed when the mind [reason] and heart [emotions] function as one. The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence.

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